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The design that will take your breath away, literally

PulmOne wanted to develop the first true desktop device for pulmonary function test.
They insisted it should be easily operated with minimum set-up.


We thoroughly learned the problem domain, and came up with an interface that is both clinician friendly and patient friendly.


Research, User workflow analysis, UX Architecture, UX design, UI design


Medical | Devices | Clinical


MiniBox™ is a first-of-its-kind medical device for Pulmonary Function Testing. It was critical that an MD or therapist would understand how to operate the device in a split second, and operate it flawlessly.


Each step in the medical procedure was accompanied by a visual illustration that perfectly described the intended use. The uniquely designed UX concept builds a crystal clear mental model of the system – in the MD’s mind.


As the queen in chess, the state machine of the product is the most powerful piece in the game. Our UX Foundation Engineers fully comprehend the product’s underlying logic and algorithms, and are therefore able to construct the state machine. The wireframes then smoothly follow, each finding its place as just another piece in the game.


Design is all about picking the right focal point. In PulmOne screens the focal point was the information presentation pane. We assured its visual dominance by contrasting both its size and color against the rest of the screen , while still maintaining the unity of the whole


With the intuitive touch screen capabilities and streamlined settings and reports, one can analyze lung parameters in as little as 20 min. MDs and therapists greatly appreciate the ease of use and the time saved. And yes - it's completely Reimbursable in the US.

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