Product Experience Approach

We operate within the unified domain of Product and UX, and design overarching solutions, from Product to Experience. Working together with the client’s PM we create innovative, friendly and beautiful solutions.

While UX is confined, in practice, to optimization of the user interface, the Product Experience approach is about optimization of all aspects of the product use. It means that,

  • We fully understand the product.
  • We comprehend its underlying logic and algorithms.
  • We identify weak points in the product itself.
  • We assist, if needed, in tuning the product’s object model.
  • We come up with overarching solutions – from product to UX.


The results of the Product Experience approach are dramatically superior to the common User Experience approach. However, only exceptional people who are both Product experts and UX experts can master it. 5IVE’s Product Experience Architects excel in both disciplines, enjoying many years of experience in each of the fields.

Deep UxTM methodology

Over the years since our conception in 1997 we developed and refined our DEEP UX methodology. It is DEEP in two senses: firstly it deepens into the product itself, and secondly, it deepens into meticulous and highly detailed analysis of the user workflows, leading to optimal flow and user experience.

Our proven DEEP UX methodology covers:

  • Analysis and research
  • Idea generation and screening
  • Concept definition and design
  • Wireframing
  • Graphic design
  • Usability testing
  • Rapid prototyping

Our specialty is analyzing and deeply understanding complex products, so that we can cast them into clear and meaningful interactions. We have vast experience in interfaces for many platforms and fields: mobile devices, Web applications, Windows environments (incl. WPF), dedicated hardware, telephony, big data, medical systems, cyber, BI, military, and many others.


The quality of our people is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients. Therefore we invest great effort in identifying exceptional people, and developing their knowledge and skills.

Yoram Rosner
Yoram Rosner
Yoram is one of the most experienced product innovators and Product Experience architects in Israel. He analyzed and created products and user experiences for numerous companies, both Israeli and American.
Yoram is founder and CEO.
Yaron Dan Goor
Yaron Dan Goor
Yaron brings in his analytical & creative skills, along with his extensive technological background. Prior to 5IVE, Yaron held positions at Microsoft, Nielsen and SAP Labs. Yaron holds an MBA and a BA in Computer Science (Magna Cum Laude).
Shira Luk Zilberman
Shira Luk Zilberman
Specializing in usable solutions for complex domains such as security and big data, Shira brings to the Product Experience design process her analytical skills and technical background. She holds a BSc and MSc in Computer Science, both Magna Cum Laude.
Liron Oz Harari
Liron Oz Harari
Liron participated in many Product Experience design projects for Verint, Amdocs and many more. In her work as a Product Experience architect Liron incorporates her knowledge in visual design and Social Studies, and creates products that users find both intuitive and efficient.
Ori Kook
Ori Kook
Ori brings over two decades of experience in R&D, product management and UX design. His strong technological background (BSc. in Computer Science) serves him well in transforming creative ideas into concrete reality.
Max Shestakov
Max Shestakov
Max is a highly experienced UI designer with over 15 years in the industry. He masters visual design of interactive systems, and has led the graphic design efforts of numerous projects for clients such as HP, IBM, Verint, Conduit, AudioCodes and so many more.
Navot Yellin
Navot Yellin
Navot participated in Product Experience design projects for companies such as Zerto, Orbotech and ASI. He has the ability to quickly grasp the intricacies of each new problem domain, identify the customer’s needs and transform it all into excellent user-centered designs.
Lee Feinholtz
Lee Feinholtz
Lee is 5IVE’s Operations Manager. She coordinates the team’s activities, develops business processes, manages customer relations, human resources and recruitment. Lee also monitors project budgets and facilitates internal financial control.
Amit Daliot
Amit Daliot
Amit has over 20 years of experience in high-tech companies developing products’ user interface from start to end: from user persona analysis, through information architecture, detailed prototypes and usability tests. He holds a BSc from Tel Aviv University
Vadim Sigalov
Vadim Sigalov
Vadim is a seasoned professional with multidisciplinary experience in UX, product management and product strategy. Prior to 5IVE, he held positions in SanDisk and Adaptec (CA, USA). Vadim holds an MBA in marketing from UCLA.
Ruth Yoel
Ruth Yoel
Ruth is an experienced UI designer who created professional design solutions for many clients and participated in a wide array of various local and international projects.
Yonatan Galili
Yonatan Galili
Yonatan is passionate about devising new ways for people to work and create digitally. With extensive experience in film and animation, his diverse skills have benefited projects for various clients.
Helen Wix
Helen Wix
Helen is an experienced multidisciplinary UI Designer with over 20 years in the user interface ​ field. She excels in designing intuitive and delightful user interfaces to digital products of all kinds, from mobile to desktop. Helen teaches Advanced UI courses at HIT.
Natalia Linkov
Natalia Linkov
Natalia is an experienced UI designer with an extraordinary sense of aesthetics and a fresh eye for visual design. As part of the 5IVE design team, she creates design solutions for projects in various fields and platforms.


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Product Experience Architect

Product Experience Architect operates within the unified domain of Product and UX, and designs overarching solutions – from Product to Experience. Are you one of the few who can excel in both disciplines?

You’ll be exposed to a myriad of products – from heart surgery systems to cyber solutions to mobile navigation applications. It’s your opportunity to take on this pioneering profession that strongly affects both products and people!

Candidates should have:

  • Previous experience as PM or DEV (waived in case of exceptional people)
  • University (not college) education, preferably in computer sciences
  • Excellent English

3/4 position is optional. Our offices are at Kiryat Ono.

UI Designer

This might be your opportunity to make an impact on the digital world, and at the same time boost your career. We are looking for a truly talented UI Designer with innovative and unique creative vision; one with excellent ability to understand and design highly complex screens, and with pixel perfect graphic design skills.

You’ll be responsible for interface designs for digital products, be it mobile apps, sophisticated desktop applications or wearable computing. You’ll work in diverse projects, from heart surgery systems to cyber solutions to mobile navigation applications.

If you feel that you are the one, and you have a great portfolio to prove it, we want to meet you!

Part time position is optional. Our offices are at Kiryat Ono.

Tel. +(972) 3 635 5580

Tel. + 1 408 203 7311

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